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About the Company

RINDIPOL S.A. company based in Chojnice was established in 2001. The company was registered in the National Court Register of Companies at KRS 0000093082 in the Gdańsk- North District Court in Gdańsk , VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register. The share capital of the company amounts to PLN 19 684 620 and has been paid in full. Tax Identification Number NIP 971-06-10-698 .

The owners of the Company shares are:

 Rindienergi AB, based in Visby (www.rindienergi.se) – Swedish energy concern managing biomass heating plants and producing biofuel (pellet).
 Nordic National Investment Fund for Environmental Protection NEFCO (www.nefco.fi), an environmental protection fund with its shareholders from Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, forming the Nordic Investment Bank.

Company Profile

Ridnipol SA is engaged in manufacturing and supplying „green” heat for Chojnice and Hajnówka residents. The profile and investment policy of shareholders assume heat production of renewable fuels in the vast majority. In the technological process a variety of fuel is used such as: sawdust, wood waste, wood chips, energy willow, elephant grass and rapeseed plant.

Company authorities and organizational structure

The supervisory authority:

  • Bengt Hörberg - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Torben Vindelov - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Bo Hägg - Member of the Supervisory Board
Rindipol Chojnice is managed by:
  • Bartosz Zygmański - CEO
  • Stanisław Karnowski - Vice President
The company representative:
  • Bogdan Szota - Proxy - Hajnówka Heating Plant Manager

Mission and the Company objectives

Rindipol SA is a multienergy company producing organic heat.

1. Improving the environment protection through the construction and operation of biomass-fired boilers.
2. Construction of organic biomass power plant cooperating with existing district heating systems.
3. Achieving leadership in the production of heat and electricity from renewable fuel in Poland.
4. Ensuring energy security and satisfaction to our customers.


In July 2006 Rindipol SA became a full member of the European System of Emissions Trading. The analysis on the carbon emission market made the Board purchase additional rights from other heating companies for the purpose of resale on the European markets. Realizing the need for participation also on the Polish stock exchange, an account was opened, enabling the sale of allowances on the Polish Power Exchange in Warsaw.

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