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In May 2005, Rindipol SA purchased a heating plant from the Furnel SA company (Forte group).

The heating plant consisted of both dust coal and biomass boilers. The plant was acquired in a very bad technical state, some boilers were installed in 1909. Immediately after the purchase, the modernization concept of the heating plant began.

By the end of 2005, works on the realization of the first stage had started. Top, spare oil boilers were installed, which are to ensure the energy security for Hajnówka residents.

Currently, there are works on improving the heating system efficiency.

In the years 2006 - 2011 there was a comprehensive modernization of the heating plant with the total investment of PLN 12M.
  • New technological system (pumps, heat distribution)
  • Construction of permanent spare power (top, spare boilers)
  • Modernization of Sugimat boiler (economizers, inverters)
  • Modernization of OR -16 boilers (full modernization)
In 2013, TR320 steam turbine was installed with the power of 0.7 MW.

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